Forest Raised Half Hog

Forest Raised Half Hog

Half Pig Share Deposit
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Deposit for October/November half pig share. Forest raised and supplemented with Washington grown, non-GMO, corn and soy free grains. Custom cut and wrapped to your specifications. $5.00/lb (based on hanging weight) plus cut and wrap fees ($0.79/lb paid directly to the butcher, smoking/curing for an additional charge). Remaining balance due once the animal has been delivered to the butcher. Average half pig share will require approximately 3.5 cubic feet of freezer space. Deposit is non-refundable. Please contact us for further information 

Average weight: 90 - 110 lbs

Average price including cut and wrap fees: $518 - $633 (smoking/curing for an additional charge)

*Seasonal Availability.

Our Commitment:

Forest raised No hormones, steroids or antibiotics
Supplemented with non-GMO, corn and soy free grains
No chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides
Seasonally accommodated


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